Our Story

Walnut & Park is serving up much more than a great cup of coffee.

We know you came to Walnut & Park looking for a great cup of coffee. We’re happy you found us – you came to the right place. There’s a lot more to us than a rich batch brew or a tasty sandwich. Our story begins with the people.

Most Walnut & Park employees are residents of KPEP, an innovative community corrections provider based here in Kalamazoo. The people who prepare the lattes, muffins, burgers, and salads are students or graduates of the KPEP Hospitality program – an 8-week vocational training program. 

This program equips people who have been incarcerated with the job skills they need to help turn their lives around, live independently, and contribute to the community.

Graduates earn AHLEI (American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute) and ServSafe Food Handler certifications as well as CPR/First Aid certification from the Red Cross and OSHA Safety training and can put these skills to work, not only at W&P but at other employers in and around the Kalamazoo area and their home communities

Thanks for dropping by and allowing us the privilege to serve the community this way.


Warm up this week with our Chicken Pot Pie soup paired with one of our perfectly toasted paninis! Lunch is served starting at 11am. See you at the cafe! 👋

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Happy National Gourmet Coffee Day! ☕️

See how we take your drink from bean to cup! 🫘 → ☕️ We prepare our drinks on the finest grinders and espresso machines in order to guarantee an elevated quality and consistency in each of our beverages! 

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Paninis made headline news again.🗞️ They're HOT off the presses! 🥪 😜

This week we're featuring a Spicy Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese and Turkey Gouda Honey Mustard panini. The grills are on starting at 11am! See you at the cafe! 👋

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Warm up with our Americano during these cold Kalamazoo winters! Our Americano contains our classic espresso mixed with hot water! ☕️

Stop by to try this signature drink today! ❄️
Hungry and in a hurry? Check out our grab-n-go cooler that features wraps, salads, sandwiches and more! 🏃🏃‍♀️
Guarantee a good start to your Friday with a Walnut & Park latte! ☕️

Our baristas love making this warm, delicious drink during these cold Michigan winters! Stop by the cafe today to try one of classic lattes today! ❄️
Have you had one our signature Cappuccinos? This drink comes with our classic espresso topped with our thick milk foam! ☕️

Stop by the cafe today to try this warm, decadent treat! ❄️